dreamdwelling asked:

Hi! :) I have a male dragon who is almost a year old now. I've been thinking recently about getting another baby dragon, but I wasn't sure if that would be a smart idea with mine being so much bigger now? I guess I'm kind of just wondering if they like being in tanks with other dragons or if I would need to have two separate living spaces for them, I don't want to get another one and have mine get all bent out of shape because of it.

To answer the “do they like being in groups” bit, they’re not really “pack” animals and don’t need to live with other animals. 

I would absolutely say to get them separate enclosures. The size difference would be dangerous for the little one. Not only are they in danger of physical disputes (biting, crushing, etc), they probably won’t get all the food or basking space they need. Additionally, the shared space may cause undue stress for both of them. 

The typical rule I’ve heard from vets is separate housing or housing in threes (with a very large tank to accommodate) to prevent power imbalances, and even then there are issues in the long-term. A dominant occupant will always arise, leaving the others with less (even if only slightly less) resources.

Anonymous asked:

Hey I was wandering if theirs tricks you can teach to a bearded dragon and if so what age would be good to start?(:

Haha, I’m not really sure! Animals are amazing. I’ve heard of people training lizards, but it’s different than training a dog or cat. Personally, I’ve only managed to potty train mine so she doesn’t poop in her enclosure. 

(Speaking of which, I’ll be making a photo heavy post soon about how to do that.)

Regardless, if you’re gonna train them, I’d say start earlier rather than later.

Anonymous asked:

Is it Okay to feed your lizard by hand or is it best to put it in the cage for it to catch?

I’ve heard of both, but I’ve found that my girl prefers to chase her crickets around the tank. When I was feeding her superworms, I would hold them in my fingers and let them wiggle in front of her. She’d get very worked up. It really just depends on what you’re using as prey.

Anonymous asked:

Is it okay to hold while it's shedding?

Yes, provided that your handling does not interfere with any loose skin. Early stages of shedding can be indicated by graying or lightening of the affected patch of skin. After the gray phase, it will begin to loosen and dry out. DO NOT pick, pull, or otherwise attempt to “help” them shed, as this can damage the new skin that’s developing underneath. 

Though they may be uncomfortable while shedding and can often become grumpy, so they might be less tolerant of being touched. :) I bathe my girl often while she’s shedding, especially once skin is crispy and coming off. It softens up in the water and makes it easier for her to get off on her own.